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EXCLUSIVE: Evidence Uncovered that Election County Clerk in New Mexico Falsified Pre-Election Machine Certification Records

A whistleblower in New Mexico identified numerous issues with the certificates signed off on in the county that indicated that the voting machines were in good order.

The whistleblower’s presentation was posted at the Professor’s record on Telegram:

Our audit partners across the state continue to #StandInTheGap at a Sandoval County Commissioner’s Meeting.

Ramona details her findings after spending HOURS reviewing the pre-election certificates of the MACHINES. 133 machine certificates were MISSING the clerk’s seal, at least 3 different people FORGED the clerk’s signature on certificates.

A complaint has been filed with both the Sheriff and the Sandoval Board of Ethics. Sandoval County clerk Anne Brady-Romero is called to RESIGN!

Below is a transcript of the whistleblower’s speech below:

“Sandoval County Commissioners Meeting

Comments 7/27/22

My name is Ramona Goolsby and I live in Sandoval County.

I request all my comments be placed on the public record.

I would like to start out by saying I have been praying for God to reveal the things he finds unjust and immoral. God tells us to love even our enemies and pray for them but there are times when he set the example and turned over the money changers table.

Today I am here to overturn the money changers table. I spent 4 hours reviewing the pre-election certificates and tapes of the machines in Sandoval County. Three mail trays full, 133 machines.

There was NO county clerk seal on any of the 133 certificates, 50 certificates were without a completion date, one had a tabulator technician signature dated November 13, 2022, the clerk did not sign 132 of the certificates, at least 3 different people signed her signature on 131 of the certificates. It appears that tabulator ICE #H0180’s certificate was forged, and a criminal complaint has been filed with the county sheriff’s office. Copies of the certificates and a copy of the ethics complaint that was filed with the SOS office and Ethics Board in Sandoval County were provided for the Sheriff. The sheriff’s case number is 22-001136.

This investigation shows at the very least complete dereliction of duty on the part of the County Clerk but at the worse it appears there was criminal activity. In private business none of this would be tolerated and the same should be true in the Government.

The GOP, the Democratic party and this commission failed the people. So, I have stepped up and done your job for you.

I am requesting the Sandoval County Clerk, Anne Brady-Romero resign as County Clerk due to her dereliction of duty and due to a betrayal of her Oath of public office. Because the trust of the citizens of this county has been betrayed, every citizen has standing to request the same.”

Below is a video of the whistleblower Romona discussing her work:

Below also is some support for the items mentioned above.  Issue noted in red.  Date is bogus.

The signature is the clerk’s but no seal.

Here’s the clerk’s real signature.

This has no seal and a forged signature.

The US government and state and local governments are a disaster.  If things went on like this in corporations, people would be fired.

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