Jiku Ivy League Design



Here are the latest designs for the future Jiku Ivy league school.
This is our first design that has 4 wings and 4 areas for classrooms. Each area will consist of 4 classrooms.
The center will be a place for gathering for activities such as events, discussions, special classes, meetings, and other meaningful moments.
The entrance will have a receptionist with a waiting area, lounge area and study areas for students and guests.
The overlook which will be on the top will be a meeting room that professors, students and administration can use to organize and collaborate on projects together.
There are also two offices on the side that will be used by professors and administration.
This school are for students that come from impoverish neighborhoods such as the inner-city communities.
We can give more opportunities to the Black and Hispanic community by preparing and educating them on careers the elite choose to pursue.
We will teach law, medicine, finance and engineering as well as science and political science. There will also be classes for journalism, music and the arts.
We welcome you to take a look at our designs and if you would like to be a contributor then contact us at 347-391-4286