Air Conditioning Temperature Sensor 5K 10K 15K 20K 25K 50K 100K Probe Sensor Waterproof Temperature Thermal Thermistor TC


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1. 100% brand new high-quality products.
2. Made of high-quality materials, durable and practical.
3. Durable and long service life
4. Convenient installation and simple operation
5. Suitable for college students / Engineers / technicians / factories / individuals, DIY / electronics enthusiasts, etc
6. Wide application: making small experiments / product R & D / production demand / instruments, etc

Product parameters:
Material: Metal
Output model category: analog sensor
Working principle: vibration sensor
Sensor category: pressure sensitive and force sensitive sensors
Operating current: 1A
Working voltage: 1V

Package includes:
Air conditioning temperature sensing probe * 1
Plastic bag packaging * 1

Product description:
The general ambient temperature sensor is a small black thing near the support on the wall side of the outdoor unit. The pipe temperature sensing head is inserted on the coil wall inside the outdoor unit.
Copper head is used to detect copper pipe, with fast temperature conduction; Rubber head is generally used to detect ambient temperature, corrosion resistance and high reliability.

How to judge the resistance of air conditioning temperature sensor:
If the air conditioning temperature sensor is broken, the following phenomena will appear. You can judge the quality of the air conditioning temperature sensor by checking:
1. The resistance of indoor ambient temperature sensor increases, causing frequent startup of air conditioner.
2. The resistance value of indoor pipe temperature sensor becomes smaller, causing the protection of the whole machine shortly after startup
3. The indoor ambient temperature, pipe temperature and temperature sensing performance change, causing the air conditioner to work abnormally
4. The indoor pipe temperature change value is 0q, resulting in no response to the remote start of the whole machine.

The air conditioning temperature sensor is broken. Solution:
The temperature sensor barrier accounts for a large proportion of air conditioning faults. To accurately judge, we must first understand its function. The air conditioning control part is equipped with three temperature sensors:
1. Room temperature sensor: it mainly detects the indoor temperature. When the indoor temperature reaches the set requirements, it controls the operation of the internal and external machines. When cooling, the external machine stops, the internal machine continues to operate, and when heating, the internal machine stops after blowing waste heat.
2. Indoor pipe temperature sensor: it mainly detects the coil temperature of indoor evaporator and plays the role of anti cold air, anti overheating protection and automatic temperature control during heating.
3. Outdoor defrosting temperature sensor: it mainly detects the outdoor condenser coil temperature. When the outdoor coil temperature is lower than – 6 ℃ for 2 minutes, the internal unit will turn to defrosting state. When the resistance value of the outdoor coil sensor is too large, the indoor unit will not work normally.

Cause analysis of inconsistency between air conditioning display temperature and actual perceived temperature:
1. The remote control setting is incorrect;
2. The filter screen is not cleaned in time;
3. There are objects at the air conditioner inlet and outlet that affect the heating effect. There is a heat source in the room or there are many indoor personnel, resulting in poor cooling effect;
4. Poor room insulation effect;
5. Low indoor power supply voltage leads to low efficiency of air conditioning; 6. The environmental temperature is too high or too low, resulting in poor effect.

In the process of air conditioning maintenance, the fault proportion of temperature sensor (thermistor) is high. In case of open circuit, short circuit or poor characteristic curve, the air conditioner will display abnormal code and cannot work normally. Because the temperature sensor is not marked with parameters and resistance value, it is often difficult to determine in maintenance. Even for the same brand and different models, the resistance value is not necessarily the same
Temperature sensor, that is, the resistance decreases when the temperature increases; When the temperature decreases, the resistance increases. The sampling voltage at the negative end of the CPU comparator is 1 / 2 of the CPU power supply voltage, that is, 2.5V. The peripheral circuits RTI and rt2 are the pull-up resistors at the positive end of the operational amplifier comparator, and R1 and R2 are the lower bias resistors.


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