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Jiku Mobile

Seamlessly connect with free calls, texts, and video chats, redefining communication on the go.

Jiku Chat

Connect securely, prioritize privacy, and encrypt your messages on a trusted social network.

Jiku Discounts

Fight inflation with discounted products, empowering smart shoppers to save.


Discover love through shared interests and hobbies, fostering meaningful relationships.


ShpHive is a platform for vendors to create their own stores, with tools to help their products sell online.

CrowdFund US

Connect with startups companies and help them reach their fund-raising goals.

Jiku Land

Explore, play, and own in a mobileverse filled with mini games and digital property.


Evvntts is an online platform for discovering, purchasing, and managing event tickets.

Jiku Tech Hosting

Create websites, buy domains, and enjoy secure hosting at Jiku Tech Hosting.

Jiku Pointz

Earn Jiku Gift Coin digital currency for active participation on our platforms.

OneMic Music

Discover, vote, and support your favorite musicians in a vibrant community at OneMic Music.

Real Kiks

Connect with sneakerheads on a platform that offers genuine kicks and celebrates the culture.

Jiku Search results

Jiku Search Results is a search engine that delivers accurate and relevant results.

Chat Mynd

Discover and create AI chat bots with diverse personalities and engage in unique conversations.

Survey Sonic

Take surveys and earn exciting rewards or partner with us for valuable insights. Make your opinions count!


BookNovah is a digital publishing platform that creates engaging and immersive digital content.

Gig Staf

Connect with freelancers and contractors for seamless hiring and successful projects.

Jiku Movies

Jiku Movies is a platform that offers users the ability to watch and upload free movies online.


Cultivating a greener tomorrow with a passion for farmers, growers, and agriculture.


Empowering and bridging real estate horizons through a dynamic network of connections.

Jiku Basketball

Jiku Basketball League aims to create a transformative basketball experience that goes beyond the game.

Jiku Fit

Expert trainers, flexible options, and a supportive community to empower your path to wellness.

Higher Careers

Unlock your potential with better jobs, higher pay, and greater opportunities at Higher careers.

Jiku Tattoo

Jiku Tattoo is your gateway to skilled tattoo artists and unforgettable ink experiences.


Vyral Vibez

Credit Control Repair

StarShotz Radio

West Coast Heavies

Jiku Med

Veterans for Veterans


McMillen Homemakers

Jiku Podcast Radio

Jiku Prints

Instant Cart

Law Connection

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