Revolutionizing Podcast Discovery and Engagement

Jiku Podcast Radio is a comprehensive database of podcasts available on the internet. We have revolutionized the way people discover and engage with podcasts. Our platform simplifies the process of finding your favorite podcasts, listening to them, booking interviews, and even submitting music. We are proud to introduce a new type of radio modulation, JM, which stands for Jiku Modulation. This innovative approach sets us apart from traditional FM and AM radio, offering a unique listening experience. With Jiku Podcast Radio, the world of podcasts is at your fingertips.

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    15 Seconds of Fame
    Talk Radio
    OneMic Music
    Talk Radio
    Tues and Thurs
    WCH Podcast
    Talk and Music
    Friday Nights
    Talk Radio
    Mon and Wed
    StarShotz Radio
    Fri and Sat

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    Podcast Discovery

    Our comprehensive database allows users to easily find and listen to their favorite podcasts.

    Interview Booking

     We provide a platform for users to book interviews with podcast hosts.

    Music Submission

    Users can now submit their music to be featured on podcasts worldwide.

    Ad Placement

    Place your ads in popular podcasts and reach a wider audience wth ad rolls.

    Custom Jingles

    We can create custom jingles for your podcast giving you a sound no one has.

    Podcast Promotion

    Keep increasing the visibility of your podcast with our promotion service. 

    Podcast Editing

    We offer professional editing services to enhance the audio quality of your podcast.

    Podcast Consultation

    Get expert advice on how to grow and monetize your podcast with our seasoned professionals.

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